We would like to familiarize you with our process:

    1. BulletInitial phone conversation

    2. BulletComplete online application

    3. BulletIn-Home visit with agency representative

    4. BulletMatch you with perspective candidates to interview

    5. BulletBackground check

    6. BulletUp to one full week free trial period before payment


A T-Spoon of Sugar is not an agency that will send you a large number of applicants for you to review. Not everyone in our database will fit your criteria, and we know how valuable your time is.  We will closely scrutinize your needs and requirements to make sure we send you only the applicants that best match your needs.

After interviewing and picking a candidate that is perfect for you, we strongly recommend a few things before hiring. Even though we check all of the applicants’ references, we feel it is crucial for you to also call and have a conversation with the candidate’s previous employers.

We feel it is important to have a trial period with your potential nanny. This can be anywhere from a day up to a week. We want you both to feel safe and comfortable and that this is definitely the right fit. What makes us unique is that we do not require an application fee.  We do recommend a trail period before hiring and we do guarantee you a full 90-day period to make sure you are all together satisfied.  Your child will make a new friend and build a lasting relationship to the role model of your professional nanny who partners with you to flourish your child's individual needs.


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